Laurie Bradley Score Event 1st January 2005






















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Organisers Comments

Considering I didnít think I was going to be in the country for New Years last month, the event seemed very smooth running. I hope you all enjoyed the event plus a big thanks to you all for attending as you made the not over exerting myself on New Years Eve worthwhile.

Special thanks must go to my team of helpers, my car-parking attendant Mick Comery and his assistant Robert Farrington, my entry fee collector my mum, my finish team of Robert Vickers, Rick Roberts, Rollo Rumford and my dad, additional sign man Ian Hopkins and to Mr Saddler the farmer for our emergency car parking arrangements and Robert Vickers for organising them.

Final congratulations to Harlequins for this yearís victory and to the joint victors Robert Gardner and Mikey Hopkins for being equal most successful juniors with 250 points.

Sam Chambers

Planners Comments

Planning this event on an area like Kinver Edge was a challenge. Setting a course that was going to test the M21s and yet not over tax the W55s. I had the finish field (provisional car park). The problem was where to place the start to get a split to the four points of the compass. I was pleased to see this occur on the day. Placing the start on the northern edge encouraged enough of you to go over the edge, underestimating the climb back to the finish. The people clearing all controls seemed to take the northern route.

Finally a few thanks, to Mr Saddler for coming to our aid with the alternative parking arrangements and use of the shop building.

To Rollo for his constructive controlling, a pleasure working with.

To the control collectors, a job no planner enjoys at the end of a long day.

And last but not least, to you all for competing.

It was especially nice to receive thanks from both extremes M21s and W55s.

George Chambers.

Controllers Comments

Well done George and Sam for laying on a good event. The proof of the event was the success of one or two to visit all controls within the hour and when several made a special effort to find you to say well done.

Controlling is made easier when Control tapes are visible and George did a very good job in this respect.

Rollo Rumford