Sunday 4th March 2007



Planners' Comments

Alison Sloman & Alnt Clerici (HOC)

Organiser's Comments

Well done to all of you who braved the elements on Sunday.
I must add a huge thank - you to Phil Ruddlin from Forest Enterprise who granted us permission to park in the forest and put up notices in the car park the week before to warn off the public.
I am in admiration of Alison Sloman who planned, collected in a fair number of controls, checked all our gear back into the club store and then took home the soggy tents for drying (and probably ironing too). Ant Clerici (co-planner) also deserves thanks for hanging controls despite being ill.
Brenda and Henry Morgan (POTOC) did a superb job of controlling - thanks also to them.
Looking back at the records for this venue Ant Clerici and I put on an event here in 1987. 413 competitors turned up compared with the 150 for this event. The weather played some part in this but I am sure it is not the only reason for depleted numbers.
I've now organised two events in the past 9 months and on both occasions it has poured down. Look carefully at who is organising future HOC events before getting out of bed on a Sunday morning!

Charlie Nelson (HOC)

Controllers' Comments

There were many problems when the car park was lost 3 weeks before the event. The start had to be changed, courses altered and arrangements made for other parking on forest roads. The planner, Alison Sloman, needs a big "pat on the back" for coping with these upsets. Ant Clerici, despite not being well, gave up a lot of time putting out controls on Saturday and Sunday.

Then came the real upset - pouring rain on the day!!. Well done to the organiser and all those on HOC for manning start, download etc. Most people enjoyed the courses, despite the rain, muddy paths and brashings underfoot.

Brenda and Henry Morgan (POTOC)


We are indebted to the following people:

Phil Ruddlin - Forest Enterprise.

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