Sunday 8th January 2006

Haugh Wood District Event (West Midlands League)


Planner's Comments

Despite foresters turning many runnable parts of Haugh Wood into slow run and jump during the past few weeks, most of you appeared to enjoy the courses. Constraints on planning were caused mainly by bramble - mapped or otherwise.

Thank you all for coming and to Mike for sensibly suggesting a reduction in some of the original course lengths and to those who helped me collect in controls.

Ron Smith (HOC)

Organiser's Comments

Well done all of you who braved the cold weather for this first HOC event of 2006. The turnout was good considering the alternative attractions and the distance that Haugh Wood is away from most competitors homes.

Thank you to all of the small army of helpers who made the event run smoothly. We had packed up, controls collected in and out of the Wood by 3.30pm i.e. before last light.

Rollo Rumford (HOC)

Controller's Comments

On behalf of the competitors can I thank Ron and Rollo for their efforts, which, from the comments I received you all appreciated.

As Ron has said, and you will have seen, Haugh is the subject of extensive thinning at present. We made some minor changes to the map to reflect the work that had been done prior to Christmas, but all of the work to the east, where you may have seen the timber tractor at work, has taken place since then. This affected most of the courses, and in particular the Light Green, making it much more physical and also more technical than expected. My apologies to those of you who got better value for money than you anticipated. Ron discovered this work on the Friday - it was unexpected, and much too late for us to change anything. They had even resurfaced the main forest road - so at least that wasn't as muddy as it could have been - unlike most of the other paths!

Mike Farrington (HOC)

Lost Property

One compass - contact Lynden Hartmann

Two whistles - contact Rollo Rumford

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