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Saturday 10th May 2008

West Midland Schools Championships



Planner's Comments

Firstly can I thank Henry and Brenda Morgan without whose help and assistance in controlling this event it could not have taken place.

To plan four TD 1 courses around a small area such as Baggeridge was a challenge. We decided to up the scale of the map to 1:7500 to enable the circles to be drawn on the map without overlapping. Whist out walking the courses it was enjoyable to see the different route choice being taken. I think I succeeded in setting the seniors an orienteering challenge as opposed to a cross country race, with the result of the senior schools trophy being decided upon the number of second place finishers.

Can I say a big thank you to Joanne Halliday, Tony Callow, David Arnot, Colin Spears, Adrian Bailey, Peter Langmaid, Sam Chambers, Mark Goodman and Sue Chambers who helped me collect controls and to put them out early in the morning. It was a huge relief not to have to go out and collect any controls after being up at the crack of dawn.

I hope you enjoyed the use of the pin punches, (this was how it used to be) a decision we made because of the history of vandalism in the area. This did occur late on when one of the punches was removed, but with the use of radios was soon able to be replaced. Finally can I say a big thank you to all your teachers and parents for bringing you and supporting you in your enjoyment of a great sport.

George Chambers (HOC)

Controller's Comments

Baggeridge Country Park is a good area for this type of event, as there is a good sized car/ coach park, toilets and big flat areas for start and finish. The actual area for the youngsters to orienteer on is also ideal, as it has a good network of paths and junctions just waiting to catch out anyone whose concentration lapses. I am glad to say that most control sites survived intact, although we did have a punch taken from one, which probably added time on for some people. I hope this was not due to one of the competitors trying to disrupt the course for others, although this has happened in the past.

The organisation by HOC was almost a trip down memory lane for a lot of their helpers. They are a very progressive club and have been using electronic controls, dibbers and results for quite a few years. Having to return to checking punch cards and get results out in such a short time deserves a pat on the back. My job as controller was made easier on the day by having my wife, Brenda, to help me check the placing of the controls at the beginning and then the way the HOC members slotted into appointed roles. For this, my thanks must go to Sue and George Chambers.

I think the event was a success, I hope you feel the same. Hope to see you at next years` event, or maybe before, if you feel that a little extra practice might improve your schools chances of a better result

S. Henry Morgan (POTOC)

Organiser's Comments

Firstly I would like to thank South Staffs Council and the head ranger Steve Gallis for permission to hold this event at Baggeridge Country Park. I would also like to thank Steve for the use of his yard; with only one car between us it made transportation a lot easier, and also for his assistance and advice leading up to the event.

Secondly, Tony Callow the Regional Development Officer for producing your commemorative certificates and helping on the day. Also all the Harlequins who gave up their Saturday morning for no reward. They erected and dismantled start and finish with no supervision necessary and then carried all the equipment back to the yard. It was a great help. Thank you all.

Thirdly Carol and Mike Farrington the other organisers who handled all the entries and timing. It was Carol who ensured we had the fine weather spending hours waterproofing the control cards with transpaseal. It was Mike who set up the computer system to ensure you had a speedy results service. He was also responsible for the short presentation ceremony. Thank you all for stopping for this and giving your applause to the winners. Finally I would like to thank you all for coming and making the effort all worth while. If you would like another run around Baggeridge Harlequins are holding a Summer Evening Event here on Thursday 15th May. See the HOC web site for details.

Sue Chambers (HOC)


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