assisted by Harlequins Orienteering Club

Sunday 18th February 2007

District Event and West Midlands League 2
Lickey Hills


Controller's Comments

Congratulations to BUOC for their event on the Lickeys. The good weather brought out a larger than usual numbers of competitors. Most seemed to enjoy themselves despite the muddy conditions in some areas and a "little" climb on the longer courses. It is not a technical area and Tess did well to provide the odd challenging leg on most courses. I was somewhat concerned whilst waiting at the Finish for an hour for any competitor to arrive but my concerns were unfounded and soon competitors were running in and the winning times were within guidelines.

Well done Tess for struggling with OCAD 9 to produce overprinted maps - we could well have had Master Maps as an easier option - but gladly not this time. Tess had to dash off for training in Portugal - lucky for some and left the on the day work to Kath and Kirsty and a small team of volunteers. It is not often you have the Organiser putting out control units at 6.30am on the day.

BUOC does not have a large membership so they did very well to cover the key areas including a manned road crossing point. They also had support from HOC volunteers who ran the Start and Registration / Download.

Well done all of you!

Rollo Romford (HOC)

Planner's Comments

I have enjoyed planning the event this year, and I hope everyone enjoyed their day. It hasn't all been easy due to my general incompetence and so I have to thank Rollo for his advice and patience and Colin for his last minute OCAD help! Sadly I could not make it on the day, so a big thanks to Kath who took over both organiser and planner jobs for the last few days. I must also mention Kirsty for her input into the courses and help in putting out the controls. Further thanks should go to Alan Halliday for being so helpful at Print5. It's not easy for a small club (mostly beginners!) to put on a WML so this is much appreciated. I hope we succeeded and everyone had a good time and Thanks to COBOC for the use of the Lickey Hills map!

Tess Hill (BUOC/HOC)

Organiser's Comments

This was the first time I'd organised an event but everything seemed to come together on the day and I hope everyone who came enjoyed their run. The success of the day was no doubt helped by the continuing trend in beautiful weather - in the three years I've been involved in BUOC events I don't think it's rained once! A massive thank you to everyone who came and helped on the day, both to BUOC members (including some new people who never orienteered before) and to the HOC volunteers at the start and registration. Thanks as well to the BUOC members who spent Saturday baking I hope everyone enjoyed the cakes!

Kath Macmillan (BUOC/HOC)

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