Sunday 18th December 2005

2005 Club Championships - Brockhampton


Planners' Comments

It was great to plan at Brockhampton and have a couple of days walking the estate. My first visit was the day after there had been an inch of rain, lots of mud and the streams pretty well up. I was delighted that we had a good day for the event. The, sun only made a brief appearance at around 0830, never the less it stayed dry and warmed up a little later. My planning philosophy for the championships was, following Alison's course from last year, to provide a yellow/orange course with the first seven controls taken in order that should be possible for most in 45 minutes. This involved a number of controls in the central valley which also served by providing problems of route choice for those minimising climb by running round the edge of the map. I expected the first controls to be visited would be 1, 5 and 15 and was surprised that only two people went to 5 which I think may well have been the best choice.

Although the part of the estate we used is relatively small, it has a fair amount of climb though it did necessitate second maps. I did not intend anyone to complete part 2 in the hour in order to simplify sorting out the winners and so spread the controls well round the map. However I did put a couple within easy range, 22 being a level run and 20 being close but with a fair climb back to the finish to give an opportunity to those with little time after part 1.

In fact, out of the entry of 66, 26 completed part 1 and 14 went on to collect controls in part 2. Perhaps I should have moved a couple of part 1 controls to part 2. Thanks to everyone who said how much they enjoyed the day and to Judith, Lester and Matt Evans, Mike Farrington and Lynden, Ruth and John for their efforts before and on the day.

Colin Spears (HOC)

Organiser's Comments

Judith Evans (HOC)

Comments on the results

Several competitors punched controls on the second maps without visiting all the controls on the first map and punching at control 19. These controls have been removed from the results.

Two runners failed to download - Steve Chiverton and Geoff Trewin and as a result are shown as DNF (Did Not Finish) in the results.

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