Sunday 7th December 2008


Planner's Comments

Firstly, I hope all appreciated the new enlarged area of Postensplain parts of which we were using for the first time thanks to Roxel Ltd. When planning was started in August, it was felt that the running would be fairly slow in parts and, consequently, on some courses, the lower limits of the recommended British Orienteering guideline distance / climb were chosen. So apologies for those who felt their course was a bit short but I hope you still enjoyed your course. The good weather also helped.

My thanks to Ray for his patience and sound advice with my planning. Also my thanks to the 7 individuals who were kind enough to help collect the 72 Controls that had been put out and especially to Alison Sloman, who also helped me put them out.

Rollo Rumford (HOC)

Controller's Comments

What a lovely day, perfect for orienteering. When I arrived the temperature was a chilly -5C but the sun was breaking through and by the time I had checked the controls it had warmed up to an impressive +1C. To make the most of the sun Rollo had positioned the start in the perfect location to benefit from its warmth.

I thought Rollo produced good courses for you to run around. The brambles caused me a few problems when checking control sites but they seemed to have died back a little and flattened on the day which made the courses faster that I thought they would be. Some of the senior courses had much faster winning times than I envisaged.

The organisation ran very smoothly so well done Steve. It was a pleasure to work with you both.

Ray Collins (Walton Chasers/SPLOT)

Organiser's Comments

A fine sunny day, a large and merry band of helpers, and no cars getting stuck in the car park; an organiser's delight.

Thanks are due to:
Forestry Commission,
Roxel(UK Rocket Motors Ltd)
Mark Gatehouse, of Woodhouse Farm,
Residents of Buttonoak and Pound Green.

To everyone who attended, and all helpers - particularly to those who did not get a run on the day.

Steve Chiverton (HOC)

Lost Property:

Did you lose something?

I have: - three gloves (1 x black, 1 x green, 1 x blue), and three of you each have one cold hand;
- one Silva compass with two white dots;
- one black bum bag containing blue cag.

To claim any of these items please contact the organiser Steve Chiverton, 01905 831184, stevechiverton AT fsmail.net

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