Sunday 25th January 2009

Clent and Hagley Woods

Planner's Comments

This is the first time I've planned a "proper" cross-country event and, as I collected in the last control in fading light at 5 p.m., happy but exhausted, I'm looking forward now to the next opportunity - perhaps somewhere flatter?

Thanks to everyone who commented favourably on the courses, and for the constructive criticism. I agree, for example, that the section of the Green course in Hagley Wood could've been better. It was pleasing to see smiling faces, and the race times suggest the course lengths were about right. The Orange was a little on the difficult side though (a lot of people took around 70 minutes, with control 116 proving much trickier than I expected).

Thanks to the farmer, Stuart Geggie, for allowing us to use his fields, to Alison for revising the map, to Paul in the SI department, and to Colin, George, Robert, Mike and Peter for collecting controls. A special mention must go to Colin Spears, who gave generously of his time and helped me gain maximum benefit from my first go.

Adrian Bailey (HOC)

Controller's Comments

I must congratulate Adrian and Barry for picking up this event at rather short notice and providing a satisfactory set of courses. We were helped somewhat by the weather relenting and the overnight rain passing even before we checked the controls. After a week where it was either icy or raining, there was only the mud to contend with and I even saw a glimpse of the sun.

I was pleased that there was only one retiral on the yellow course and everyone finished the orange. I suspect that the retirals on the green were due to the lack of a light green and the green being rather physical. I did feel the end of the green, blue and brown was rather cruel and chose not to disqualify competitors who didn't register a punch at the last control in the finish field.

It was a nice touch of Adrian's to give certificates to course winners.

Colin Spears (HOC)

Organiser's Comments

We were lucky with weather, rain had been forecast. Although it was windy on the top, it wasn't too bad in the car park and woods.

We had problems with the registration of the event which probably meant few people knew the event was on until a week or two before the event! I was also a late recruit to organiser, which didn't help.

My concern had been the parking. We had arranged the lower field but this was too soggy at the gateway. The main Nimmings held only 80 cars and was often packed with walkers cars. It was rather tight, but we got most in. Apologies for those who had to park at Walton Hill, and Joe Public, who were squeezed out.

Almost surprisingly, we had permission to use Hagley Woods which I don't think we have used for at least 8 years. We are grateful for Alison's update to the map.

Harrison McCartney of OD, M11, should have won Green convincingly by 17% but his dad ran down, apparently due to injury, and pipped him. The M10 who came fourth on the green I think was really aged 38!

Barry McGowan (HOC)

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