Sunday 8th November 2009

Regional Event
Titterstone Clee


Controller's Comments

During my visits to Titterstone I have been able to enjoy varied weathers from being able to sit at the trig and enjoy clear blue skies giving fantastic views over Wales You could even see 6 control sites from one position. But then the other extreme is when the temperature drops and the cloud comes in visibility can drop to less than 50 meters and I guess some competitors will of had these conditions early Sunday to contend with which makes it more interesting, it certainly made the final check of flags on Sunday more testing.

The planner Kath made good use of the areas available and I heard lots of favourable comments about the courses. Kath's planning of the courses was to a high standard and I only had to recommend a few minor amendments from her first draft well done.

Organiser Charlie ensured all went well prior and on the day with the support of HOC members .

Richard Lewis (WRE)

Planner's Comments

Despite agreeing to plan at Titterstone when I was a little bit tipsy, I have to say I'm glad I volunteered. It was a great area to plan at with a good mix of fast runnable areas on top and more fiddly bits on the south and east of the map to test fine navigation; it's always nice to see people discussing optimum route choice at the finish.

In general the day of the event went smoothly with only slight panic occurring on the morning of the event trying to put out controls on the hill top in the dark when the mist had descended - I certainly think the lack of visibility gave the longer courses a bit more of a challenge too!

Thanks especially to Richard Lewis my controller and Charlie Nelson the organiser for all their help and advice and for putting up with my sometime last minute planning style. Thanks also to everyone who collected in controls, Rollo Rumford, Brian Hughes, Dave Nevell, Dave Williams, John Embry, George Chambers and Richard Dearden.

Kath Macmillan (HOC)

Organiser's Comments

Once again the HOC machine was well oiled and running efficiently at this event and I would like to thanks all who helped on the day, particularly the start team, who must have become rather chilled after a few hours. Thanks to Hanson Aggregates for permitting us to use their parking facilities, to Richard for giving up a his time to control and to Kath for planning an excellent series of courses. The small turn out was rather disappointing and I am rather puzzled as to why as Titterstone Clee is an excellent orienteering venue. £101 was collected as a parking fee. This will be donated to the Midlands Air Ambulance.

Charlie Nelson (HOC)

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