Sunday 20th November 2005

Postensplain District Event


Planners' Comments

Thank all of you who turned up to the Event . The weather was beautiful , the forest looked smelt and sounded wonderful . What better place to spend a winter's Sunday ! I have planned on Posternsplain before and it was noticable that the brambles have invaded more of the area in recent years . Also some areas have been very heavily brashed making them unsuitable for even the strongest runners . I was therefore somewhat constrained in planning , which is why Light Green to Brown courses went out and returned through the section of wood on the West . I hope the map was not too cluttered in this area as a result . I received some constructive critisism , and some compliments too , which were gratefully received and made my efforts feel even more worth while.

I thank Rollo Rumford for his help and assistance as Controller , and thank also the control collectors who saved me a lot of legwork at the end of a tiring weekend .

Mike Dugmore (HOC)

Controller's Comments

Despite a bitterly cold and foggy start to the day, the sunshine made the Postensplain event an ideal place to be on a Sunday morning. Those of you who have been to this forest before may have noticed the increase in low growing bramble which may have slowed you on your run in some areas. Mike did his best to ensure that you avoided the worst of this. I was slightly concerned about the junior courses but my fears were unfounded as youngsters finishing said how much they had enjoyed themselves. Also when chatting to finishers on the longer courses, they too said how much they had enjoyed their runs - so well done Mike!

Rollo Rumford (HOC)

Organiser's Comments

We were anticipating a low turn out due to the event clashing with the British Schools Champs in Leeds. Around 200 of you ignored the misty weather at home and, I hope, enjoyed a great run in perfect Autumn sunshine.

Thanks are due to all the HOC members who assisted on the day and Alison Sloman (Equipment Officer) whose attention to detail makes organising so much easier.

Thanks also to Philip Harding (landowner) for the use of his field which just managed to cope with all our vehicles.

Charlie Nelson (HOC)

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