Sunday 21st September 2008

Yvette Baker Trophy Qualifying Round

Croft Castle


Planner's Comments

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine at the week end. My apologies for those who thought there were too few controls on their course, I tried to keep numbers down because I find it hard to get them all out in time at my age! I only managed with the help of Eric and Lesley who did it on top of their organising duties so many thanks to them and to Mike who took up controlling duties just before the event. Many thanks also to the gang of control collectors, Kath, Marian, Andy, Chris, John, George and Ashley.

Alison Sloman (HOC)

Controller's Comments

As Chairman of Harlequins I felt obliged to take on the role of controller when two weeks before the event no one had come forward to perform the role. It seems increasingly difficult to find controllers for events in the West Midlands, and it seems likely that before long events will be cancelled if this situation persists.

The courses had been finalised and maps printed by the time I got involved, and as Brian Hughes had kindly checked control sites my involvement was limited to a check of the maps and ensuring that controls were sited correctly - which of course they all were! On the competitors behalf I would like to thank Alison for her usual thorough planning and some excellent courses, and Lesley and Eric for their slick and efficient organisation. Thanks must also go to the usual band of Harlequin helpers, and in particular Paul Hammond and the Si team who I left in the lurch to take on the controlling of the event.

Mike Farrington (HOC)

Organisers' Comments

The wet weather during the summer kept us on the edge of our seats right up until the day. Although the day itself was beautiful with more than 10 hours of sunshine, parts of the forest resembled mud slides. The handrail installed along the downhill path proved popular not just with the junior runners! The cows kindly stayed away from the String Course long enough for the four entrants to complete their course. A special thanks to Sue and George for their cheerfulness despite such a meagre entry. The HOC teams on the day were equally efficient and we were able to relax, soon being virtually unemployed. While it was slightly disappointing to see so relatively few runners, due no doubt to the clash with other fixtures, we hope that all those who ran enjoyed themselves.

Working with Alison and Mike was a joy throughout. The sight of a shattered Mike returning to the car after checking all the control sites on the Saturday will remain with us a long time.

We are grateful to the National Trust and the other landowners for their help and co-operation throughout.

Lesley and Eric Brown (HOC)

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