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25th May 2009
Bob is currently travelling home - when the results have been processed they will be uploaded here

Meanwhile photos taken over the weekend are hosted here


Original size/quality photos can be downloaded - click on the thumbnail image and choose "download photo"


20th May 2009
Here are the directions to the restaurant - and the menu - so that you can make your selections:

Click for Menu

18th May 2009
Provisional Start List for Day 3 Uploaded
15th May 2009
"Final" details for Days 1,2,3 have been uploaded - see links to left.

The NHS decided to bring Ken's op forward so he will be following the results "on the web" rather than competing with us at Brown Clee
12th May 2009
More entries - 28 attendees so far.
Travel and Other details will be uploaded to this site on 16th May - if you have any questions in the meantime - please contact the organiser
27th April 2009
With the Glasgow seminar out of the way, and Lickey Hills ARDF over I will have time to devote to next month's event.

We are awaiting final confirmation of parking and timings from the Day 1 planner and further information from the day 2 orienteers planner (control sites to avoid, out of bounds and fence crossing regulations) - when we have these the "day" pages will go live with travel and all the other necessary details.
30th March 2009

The day after I booked the celebration meal the orienteers lost their campsite. The school managment have made a lot of people unhappy and have cost Ludlow a lot of income. The school manager has made changes to the rules which made the campsite unusable.

If you were intending to Camp - please contact the organiser (email address below).

It will be necessary to make bookings direct with commercial campsites - there are plenty in the area but you should book soon to make sure you find a place: Camping Sites Search

As the first two races are on Brown Clee I suggest that you find a place close to or just north of Ludlow. I have friends checking possiblities now.
28th March 2009
Venue for celebration meal has been booked - Sunday 24th 7:00pm in Ludlow
Entry fees and parking charges fixed
18th March 2009
17 entries so far - but no Little, Dean or Jones? The H60 field is wide open
10th March 2009
The landowner for Day 1 and Day 2 has specified that, regrettably, dogs are not allowed on the estate due to the presence of domestic stock and wild deer. This includes the car park field, assembly field and the competition area.
2nd March 2009
9 Entries Now! First site visit tomorrow
10th February 2009
Our first entry!
26th January 2009
Venues confirmed. Arrangements for Transport and Accomodation outlined.

Entries being accepted!
24th September 2008
Site created

The RSGB are hosting three days of open ARDF competition in the spring of 2009. There will be 2m, 80m and Fox-Oring courses. There will also be evening competitions at the campsite.

The recent realigment between the Pound and the Euro makes this a most attractive opportunity for a short visit to Great Britain. Days 1 and 2 will be in England and Day 3 in Wales.

In addition the 5th British ARDF Championships will be contested.

The events will be located in Shropshire, 3 hours to the north west of London, on the England-Wales border. The host region is a popular holiday destination and there will be plenty to do and see before, during and after the competition

We are taking expressions of interest and even entries. Please register your interest now with the organiser at

ardf contact email address

The Competitions

Please note: There may be changes following site visits and signal propagation/radio interference checks.

Day 1 - Saturday 23th May - 2m Classic ARDF

Location will be Brown Clee Hill.

This is the best terrain in the West Midlands, previously used for British Championship and World Cup in Orienteering. Starts will be in the early afternoon allowing travel on Saturday morning.

Competition will be Classic Style ARDF - on the 2m band. The terrain will be mixed mature forest (decidous and coniferous) on the upper slopes, wooded parkland on the lower and open, complex moorland on the hill tops.

You can view a map of the area here. Note that we will be using the area shown and the hill and woodlands immediately to the south (pan down!)

Information on the hill part of the terrain can be found here

The landowner for Day 1 and Day 2 has specified that, regrettably, dogs are not allowed on the estate due to the presence of domestic stock and wild deer. This includes the car park field, assembly field and the competition area.

Day 2 - Sunday 24th May - 80m Classic ARDF

Location will be Brown Clee Hill as above. Classic Style ARDF on the 80m band"

Day 3 - Monday 25th May - Fox Oring on 80m Band

Leoliad ewyllysia bod Corndon Allt , Cymru.

Hon ewyllysia bod 'r 'n flaen 'n bob Cadno - Oring i mewn 'r bau chan Cymru. Chystadleuwyr ewyllysia mo bod gofynedig at arwain passports a chymorth anrhegir i mewn yn cyfieithu 'r dafodiaith. 'r bellter ewyllysia bod shorter na lluman Cadno - Oring namyn 'n bellach na sprint ". Amcanwn achos pawb at bod ddibenedig at 1300: yn caniatŠu an 'n fore chychwyniad achos ehedfaoedd ai borthladdoedd.

Location will be Corndon Hill, Wales.

This will be the first every Fox-Oring in the country of Wales. Competitors will not be required to carry passports and assistance will be given in translating the language. The distance will be shorter than standard Fox-Oring but longer than "sprint". We aim for everyone to be finished by 13:00 allowing an early departure for flights or ports.

Corndon Skyline

You can view a map of the area here and some photos here

The Fox-Oring will be GB style - on the 80m band with each transmitter transmitting for part only of a 60 second cycle.

The Location
The competition areas are all within 20km of Ludlow in the beautiful Shropshire Hills, a touristic region, on the Welsh border, 80km to the the west of Birmingham and close to the UNESCO world heritage site at Ironbridge

Ludlow is an a lively market town with fascinating architecture, a reputation for excellent food and drink and was described by the poet Sir John Betjeman as "The most perfect town in England"

Springtime is the best time to visit this area - especially as the bluebells should be in flower

With Orienteering!
There are just Eleven (11!) regular ARDF-ers in England and only two of these live within 150km of Ludlow. So in order make organisation practical the event will be in association with 'Springtime in Shropshire' - a 'holiday' orienteering festival. There will be over 1000 orienteers competing.

All necessary facilites be provided at the competition sites and a full programme of entertainment will take place in Ludlow each evening.

On days 2 and 3 it is hoped that it will be possible to ARDF and then orienteer after you have completed your Radio Run - this does depend on distances from registration to the start and finish points. Make sure that you let the ARDF organiser know so that start times can be allocated.

The Orienteering website is here. This gives full details of the orienteering competitions and other arrangements


By road Ludlow is 230km (3.5hr+) from London Heathrow (LHR) and 90km (80 min) from Birmingham (BHX) and 150km (2.5hr+) from Liverpool Airport.

By rail Ludlow is 3.5hr from London and 2 hours from Manchester.

There are also bus and coach services.

Note that this is a national holiday weekend and roads will be busy!

Use the UK Transport Planner or the local bus planner to check out possibilites.

The three competition areas are within 30km of Ludlow.

Important Note
As is standard practise in the UK competitors will be responsible for their own transport

Travel to and from the Forests

Given prior notice we may be able to organise transport to and from the competition forests. This is not guaranteed. Please contact the organiser to discuss well in advance of the event.

Travel to and from the Ludow

One of the organising team will be driving near London (LHR) , Luton (LTN) and Birmingham (BHX/EMA), travelling up on the Friday evening and back on the Monday morning. It might be possible to arrange a lift for a limited number of overseas competitors. This is not guaranteed. Please contact the organiser to discuss well in advance of the event.

There are plenty of hotels and "Bed & Breakfast" guest houses close to Ludlow - but as the competition is taking place over a national holiday weekend it is sensible to BOOK EARLY!

Important Note
As is standard GB practise competitors will be responsible for their own accomodation arrangements - either direct through the orienteering website (camping) or personally by email or phone through the tourist bed booking services or directly with local hotels and guest houses.

Contact Ludlow Tourist Info and Shropshire Tourist Info for assistance.

Entry Fees
Entries are now open!

The entry fee will be GBP 9 (£9) per person per day (GBP 24 (£24) for all three days).

At this rate we will be able to make a suitable contribution to the orienteering clubs to cover maps, mapping, land access fees, toilets and other facilites and just break even.

There will be a £1 per day for car parking (to local charity)

Entry fees will be payable, in Cash (GBP) upon arrival on Day 1

Weather (Information For Overseas Competitors)
'Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo'*

The weather in May can vary between 25 degrees, dead calm and sun (hooray!) and 6 degrees, rain, sleet, hail and gale force winds (boo!).

While we hope for the former the latter occurred on day 2 in 2007 - causing some competitors to abandon - and missing the lovely warm sun on day 3. The organiser has run at SINS since 1983 - normally it is warm and sunny but please come prepared!

*'Don't leave off you coat till May 40th'

Celebration Meal & Prizegiving
Ludlow is the rural food capital of the UK - with no fewer than 7 Michelin Restaurants. We have booked a non-Michelin restaurant for the Sunday Night. Please note this is meal and prizegiving - not a hamfest - no need to dress up! We have places for 25.

The Ego Cafe Bar
Quality Square

In the case of cancellation or curtailment of the competition the organisers accept no liability for competitors personal committed or incurred costs. We reserve the right to retain all or part of any entry fee or other monies paid to cover organisers costs, in the case where these costs cannot be recovered.

The organiser can be contacted by email using...

ardf contact email address

Please send an email - to register your interest and to ask any questions that you may have.

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