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Last update 03 Mar 2012
Club Logos

Here are a selection of Harlequins logos. Click on the pixel size given to open an actual size version.

Current Logos - 2003 onwards

These logos are the work of Matthew Evans and reflect the design of the latest Harlequins O-Suit.
The 'Large' versions were created from original artwork. The medium, small, tiny and micro images are shrunk versions using anti-aliasing to avoid jagged edges. Pixel sizes shown are width x height. For on-screen use, reckon on 72 pixels/inch; for hardcopy, 300 pixels/inch. If you want to create a logo of exactly the size you require, use the large version and scale it down (tip - if using an image editor, increase the colour depth before resizing).

  Micro Tiny Small Medium Large
HOC logo thumbnail 30x30px 60x60px 100x100px 140x140px 919x919px
HOCMan logo thumbnail 30x30px 60x60px 100x100px 140x140px 864x864px

40th Anniversary Logos Versions of the current logo created by Matthew Evans for HOC's 40th anniversary in 2008

  Micro Tiny Medium Large Original
HOC 40th anniversary logo thumbnail 30x33px 60x66px 140x155px 864x957px 1637x1813px
HOCMan 40th anniversary logo thumbnail 30x33px 60x66px 140x155px 864x957px 1637x1813px

Old Logos

These are all the Webmaster has - if you have paper or electronic copies of more HOC logos, please the Webmaster have them. Paper copies will be returned.

harl3 logo thumbnail379x370px Date/creator unknown
1996 logo thumbnail255x235px 1993, John Bennison
1992 logo thumbnail321x363px 1992, creator unknown
1991 logo thumbnail 243x244px 1991, Deb Turnbull
1989 logo thumbnail 263x359px 1989, Colin Spears
1988 logo thumbnail 347x421px 1988, Colin Spears/Joe Parkinson
1979 logo thumbnail 273x358px 1979, Paul Graetz
1971 logo thumbnail 278x358px 1971, creator unknown

Junior 1995 logo thumbnail188x62px 1993, John Bennison


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