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Last update 18 Jan 2019
Events List & Recent Results

This is primarily a list of events organised by HOC, but it includes some others which we think HOC members ought to be aware of - particularly if club honours are at stake! All HOC events are open to non-HOC members unless otherwise stated. If it's not advertised here, it's not a HOC event.
Details of events in the distant future are now shown even if venue and officials have not been confirmed. HOC members should view "TBC" in the organiser column as a request to volunteer - before the Vice-Chair has to twist arms!

Date Level/Type Venue Organiser Details Results
Dec 2018
Thu 06 Winter Evening Event Beacon Hill, Rubery John Leeson Details Results
Sat 08 Club Champs Clent Hills P: Alex Mitchell
O: Kerstin Mitchell
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Sat 15 Local (WNL) British Camp Brian Laycock Details Results
Sun 16 Regional (WML) British Camp O: Steve Chiverton
P: Robert Atkins
C: Clive Caffall NGOC
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Jan 2019
Thu 10 Local (NSL) Worcester Robert Rose Details Results
Thu 17 Local (WEE) Hollybed Common, Malvern Colin Palmer Details updated 31 Dec Results | Comments
Thu 24 Local (NSL) Kings Heath John Leeson Details
Thu 31 Local (WEE) Kingsford Country Park Barry Houghton Details
Feb 2019
Sat 02 Local (WNL) Worcestershire Beacon Richard Davies
Thu 07 Local (NSL) Halesowen Peter Langmaid
Fri 08 Prizegiving Dinner The Nailers Arms, Bournheath
Sun 10 Regional (WML) Callow Hill North O: Andy Johnson
P: Paul Basher
C: Adrian Pickles WRE
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Thu 14 Local (WEE) Burlish Top Andy Hemsted
Thu 21 Local (NSL) Warndon Nigel Cousins Details
Thu 28 Local (WEE) Highgate Common Alex Mitchell
Mar 2019
Thu 07 Local (NSL) Birmingham City Centre Andy White
April 2019
Sat 06 Regional (WMUL) Redditch Urban
Sun 07 Regional (WML) Arrow Valley
May 2019
Sat 25 National (SInS, UKUL) Shrewsbury Urban
Sun 26 National (SInS, Midland Champs, UKOL) Long Mynd
Mon 27 National (SInS, UKOL) The Wrekin

Further Information

Contact the HOC Fixtures Secretary: Robert Rose

Competitors take part at their own risk. The carrying of whistles is compulsory at HOC events

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Handy summary of Forthcoming Events collated by Robert Vickers.
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Glossary & links (external links open in new window/tab):

Event Levels (see BOF Events Guideline A for full details):

Courses are often described using a colour-coding system:

Colour Typical distance Technical difficulty
Black 12km Hard
Brown 10km Hard
Blue 6.5km Hard
Green 4.5km Hard
Light Green 4km Quite Difficult
Orange 3km Moderate
Yellow 2km Easy
White 1.5km Very easy

In general, the darker the colour, the longer and more difficult the course. Juniors and novices can work their way up from white/yellow as they get older and more experienced, whilst the shorter hard courses are appropriate for those with lower levels of physical fitness. Short and, occasionally, long colour variants may be available if the event is large enough. Age class competition can be provided by mapping colours to age classes. Mappings vary depending on the numbers of courses available - see the details for the particular event or BOF Events Guideline B for more information.

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