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Last update 30 Aug 2014
2014 POC Challenge

The 2014 POCChallenge will close at 23:59 Sunday August 31st. If you have a time to submit make sure it is sent to Andy White by that time.
POC Challenge Leaderboard

In this year's POC challenge there are 6 orienteering areas:

The challenge is to run a medium length course (see below) on each of these 6 Permanent Orienteering areas before the end of August. You can have as many attempts as you like. All you need to do is record your time and send it to me (Andy White) either as a PM on the forum or by email to andybwhite (at) aol (dot) com. The challenge is based on trust.

Details of where to obtain your maps (either by download or purchase of a physical map) are to be found on the POC page of the Harlequins Website. As the challenge progresses you will see a 'leaderboard' which will chart who has attempted most POCs as the challenge progresses - a special prize for the first to post a time at all 6!

Overall prizes will be awarded, at the end of the challenge, to competitors in each of the M/F/JM/JF categories, with the shortest aggregate scratch time. There will also be an overall Handicap winner. The Handicap will be 'based on' the Bert Pardoe factor which gives everyone young or old, male or female, slow or not-too-fast, a good chance to win.

The Courses

You must visit the controls in the correct order. Check your course when you finish as even the 'best orienteers' have been known to mispunch under the pressure of the POC Challenge!

Andy White

Alison S. and POC post