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Last update 17 Sep 2016
Summer Saturday Events

With dwindling attendances at Summer Evening Events, this year we are trying something different - similar low-key events, but on Saturday mornings. This should at least avoid the struggle through rush-hour traffic which seems to be a major disincentive. The annual June Jaunter (see right) remains on a Thursday evening.

If you crave weekday evening orienteering, our neighbour clubs Wrekin Orienteers and Octavian Droobers hold their summer evening events on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively. City of Birmingham OC also hold training activities on Wednesday evenings at Sutton Park.

2016 Programme

  Date Venue Organiser Details Results
1 11 Jun Arrow Valley Robert Rose Results
2 Thu 16 Jun June Jaunter at Clent Robert Vickers Preliminary Results
Final Results
3 25 Jun Hawkbatch Alison Sloman Results
4 02 Jul Baggeridge Kerstin Mitchell Results
5 03 Sep Clent Hills Andy Johnson Provisional Results
6 17 Sep (new date) Red House Park Adrian Bailey Results

The SSS coordinator for 2016 is Andy White.


A series of informal Saturday morning events held from April/May to July/August each year with nominal entry fees.
They provide an opportunity for members to gain experience in course planning, but any member may volunteer to organise one. No Controller is appointed, but novice planners may seek guidance from club Controllers as necessary. Organisers should consult the Summer Evening Event Guidelines (updated April 2013).
A nearby pub or cafe may be used for post-event course analysis but most events will be run from the back of a car by the organiser.

Each event offers three or four courses - Yellow / Orange, Green(ish) and Blue(ish), depending on available terrain - most are not suitable for courses of Technical Difficulty level 5.
To save effort, the Blue course can be the same as the Green with an extra loop to make up the distance; the Orange can be Yellow with a few extra legs/controls of Technical Difficulty level 3.

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Summer Saturday Events are flexible, relaxed and low key. Times and courses offered may vary from event to event to suit the constraints of the area and the whims of the organiser. If in doubt check the details or ask the organiser.

Anyone can come to an SSE - you do not have to be a member, you do not need to have orienteered before, they are great fun.

Courses: Usually Blue-ish - 5+ km, Green-ish 3 to 4km, Orange 2 to 3 km. Blue and Green are generally as technically difficult as the planner can achieve at the venue, Orange will be a bit easier. Yellow (1.5 to 2km, easy) courses can be provided but please let the event organiser know in advance.

Participants are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk. PLEASE NOTE that the carrying of whistles is compulsory at all HOC events (we will have a few to hire or borrow).

June Jaunter

This is a timed mini-fell run around Clent and Walton Hills. Starting from Nimmings car park, competitors have to visit the trig points at the top of Clent and Walton Hills, and the stile by Clent Church, in any order. If you can beat 20 minutes, you're doing very well. The June Jaunter archive (Excel spreadsheet) contains a complete set of times up to and including 2015.

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