Summer Evening Events 2008

Rules changed for 2008 are shown in Orange


A series of informal mid-week evening events held from May to August each year with nominal entry fees.

Small control markers are used with codes to write down (no punches) in order to reduce both the work of the Organiser/Planner and the risk of vandalism.

They provide an opportunity for members to gain experience in course planning, but any member may volunteer to organise one.

No Controller is appointed, but novice planners may seek guidance from club Controllers as necessary.

Most events count towards the the League, but may vary according to the area used or planner's experience.

Variations include footpath runs, technical training exercises, Sprint-OT, Cycle-O.

Wherever possible a pub, preferably with facilities for children, is nominated for serious (?) post-event course analysis!

Results appear in Ad Hoc.


Each League event offers three or four courses - Yellow (if requested in advance), Orange, Green(ish) and Blue(ish), depending on available terrain - some is not suitable for courses of Technical Difficulty level 5.

Courses may incorporate Norwegian, Line, Map Memory or training sections.

To save effort, the Blue course can be the same as the Green with an extra loop to make up the distance; the Orange can be Yellow with a few extra legs/controls of Technical Difficulty level 3.

Scoring – Rules as revised for 2008 – they will be revised again for 2009, 2010 and so on...

Lester H says “This is just a bit of fun” feel free to interpret the rules are your see fit...

So, unless overruled or complaints are received, here we go:

There will be 4 awards – Mens Trophy, Ladies Trophy, Junior Mens Trophy and Junior Ladies Trophy

For the purposes of the league juniors = M/W18 and below

Runners on each course are divided up by trophy class and then allocated points as follows:

1st Place: 10pts or number of counting competitors whichever is the greater

2nd Place: 9pts or number of counting competitors minus 1 whichever is the greater

3rd Place: 8pts or .........

Last Place: 1pt

“Retirements” and “Missing Controls” count towards the calculation but get just 1 point – for turning up.

The event organiser scores 15 points.

New for 2008:
HOC Committee has agreed a small change to the allocation of points for people organising SEEs. Hitherto, the rules stated that the Organiser of an SEE scored 15 points, but it was unclear what happened when more than one person was involved.
With effect from 2008, if more than one person is involved in organising an event and therefore unable to compete, up to two people can score a full 15 points. However, no person should be credited with Organiser's points more than once in any season.
So, if you want to organise an event but need an assistant, there is now an added incentive. Charlie Nelson is still looking for a few volunteers to complete our 2008 season - so get in touch with him to select your date/area now!
Robert Vickers (General Secretary)

For anyone running two courses at an event, only the first run scores.

Members of other clubs may compete, but points are awarded only to members of HOC and affiliated groups. Members of other clubs do not count towards the score calculation.

Those with dual club membership must declare HOC as their club on the control card in order to count.

The winner will be determined by the best n - 3 scores over the series - where n is the number of events actually held. In the event of a tie the trophy will be awarded to the competitor who has completed more Blue courses in their scoring runs, failing that the competitor who has completed more Green & Blue courses in their scoring runs.

The JUNE JAUNTER is not part of the league

Competitors running out of class

Senior Men running on the Blue – add two points to the score as calculated above. This is mainly to prevent Me or Russ from winning by running Green in every race.

Senior men on the Orange have 4 points deducted down to a minimum of 1 point scored (last year the rules said no points at all for blokes on the Orange - but George did not like this)

Senior Ladies running on the Blue – add four points to the score as calculated above. Senior Ladies on the Green – add two points. Senior Ladies on the orange – no points added.

Junior Men: Blue +4, Green +2, Orange + 0

Junior Ladies: Blue +4, Green +2, Orange + 0

The league coordinator will ensure fair play and reserves the right not to award points to competitors who blatantly run a course below their current ability. Special pleading will be allowed but it will not necessarily do you any good.

If you disagree with my interpretation of the rules – please let me know!

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