HOC summer evening technique training;
better late than never!

Summer evening events are appearing on the calendar apace, and the Club (slow) Coach is struggling to keep up!

But for HOC members able to invest a little extra summer evening time in short training exercises there should be something at each event. (None of the exercises will be longer than 1.5-2km)

Subject to me being able to get out of Birmingham traffic in time I am so far planning:-

Postensplain 27th April pacing exercise and 1km timed run (for those who want to monitor their improving fitness over the summer)

Habberley 6th May short "line" course on contour only map (may be small additional cost to cover map printing)

Uffmoor 13th May short 'aiming off" exercise (that technique which would have been ooh, so useful on Breakneck Bank! (and another timed 1km run)

Keep watching the website and Ad Hoc for details for the rest of the summer!

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