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These are all Updates transfered from the HOME page from 2004 and 2005

  1. Update 28th Dec 2005

    Midweek night score event Thursday 26th January 2006 at Baggeridge Country Park

  2. Update 21st Dec 2005

    Kidderminster Night Street Event Tuesday 3rd January 2006 :

    Click here

  3. Update 19th Dec 2005

    Lester's photos from the 2005 Club Champs:

    Click here

  4. Update 19th Dec 2005

    The Night Street League Table has been updated:

    Click here for the current league table

    George says:


    Don't bring your MUD

    But do bring your MUG

    Also your raffle prize and money.

    Streetmap Link: HR7 4EB


    Bromyard Leisure Centre
    Follow brown tourist signs 1till 4pm after club champs.
    You don't have to attend champs
    See magazine for more details

  5. Update 7th Dec 2005

    Results from Worcester NLS Results

  6. Update 7th Dec 2005

    Results from Sandwell Valley 26th Feb Details

  7. Update 5nd Dec 2005

    Results from Kingsford Midweek Night Score Event

  8. Update 5nd Dec 2005

    Results from Castlemorton Common Western Night League on 3rd Dec

  9. Update 5nd Dec 2005

    Details for Night Street League Race 5 on 12th Jan (new-new date!)

  10. Update 4th Dec 2005

    Yvette Baker Trophy 2005

    Congratulations to the HOC junior team who finished 5th in the Yvette Baker Trophy final at Sherwood Pines on December 4th (and commiserations to those who didn't make it)!

    Some great performances from HOC regulars and from the new MADO HOC recruits meant that the HOC team improved a massive seven places from the 12th position they achieved in HOC's first YBT final appearance last year.

    Harlequins strength in depth also meant that the HOC second team finished third out of the nine teams with enough runners to make up second teams. Results can be seen at


    Ruth Lockley

  11. Update 27 Nov 2005

    Flyer for the HOC District Event at Haugh Wood 8th Jan 2006

  12. Update 25 Nov 2005

    Flyer for the MADO/HOC Night Event at Castlemoreton Common 3rd December 2005

  13. Update 24 Nov 2005

    Results of the Stourbridge Night Street League event on 23rd November available.

  14. Update 15 Nov 2005

    The Mid Week Night Score League has been added to the fixtures list:

    Wednesday Nov. 30th. Kingsford Barry Houghton
    Thursday Jan 26th. Sedgley Area * Barry McGowan
    Tuesday Feb 14th. Bewdley Area* Alison Sloman
    Thursday March 16th. Halesowen Area * Dave Williams
    * indicates permission not yet received, please check nearer the dates.

    Rules for scoring:

    The events will take the form of a 60 minutes score event. The points for each correct control will vary between 10 and 25, depending on their difficulty and distance. For each minute or part thereof taken above 60 minutes, 10 points will be deducted. However to ensure the organisers can get away at a reasonable time if you take more than 75 minutes you will be disqualified.

  15. Update 15 Nov 2005

    Details of the Kingsford Midweek Night Score on 30th November available.

  16. Update 13 Nov 2005

    News about the Yvette Baker Tropy Final on 4th December


  17. Update 12 Nov 2005

    Results for MADO Worcester Beacon on 12th November

  18. Update 5 Nov 2005

    Details for Night Street League Race 2 on 23rd November (Robert's 30th Anniversary!)

    Results for Night Street League Race 1

  19. Update 25 Oct 2005

    Details for Night Street League Race 3 on 6th December

  20. Update 25 Oct 2005

    Details for event at Postensplain  (Wyre Forest) on 20th November

  21. Update 03 Oct 2005

    Hello All

    Firstly Thanks very much for coming at the weekend (if you could come) to the Yvette Baker qualifier. Much to our surprise, we managed to qualify to the final for the second year. Very Well Done

    However, it doesn't end there…

    On the 4th December the final is being held at Sherwood Pines, Nottingham. We obviously want to do as well as we can, and show that the qualifier was no fluke. So we need you and as many other juniors we can muster to join Harlequins by then. If you can run please email back immediately so we can get an idea of numbers. We may take a coach up if there are enough of us.


    Rob Farrington

  22. Update 27 Sep 2005

    The new permanent course at Callow Hill in the Wyre Forest, grid reference SO 749 740 is going to be opened on Saturday 15th October.
    The course will be open to the public from 1pm until the visitors centre closes at 4.30pm. The start is from outside the visitors centre which is also where the map will be sold. Members of Harlequins are welcome to come and try it out. Even better would be volunteers to help new comers to the sport to get started. I am particularly looking for members of the younger generations.
    I will be there for the duration but help would be welcome even if you can only manage a shorter period.
    Please contact me with offers of help at alison.sloman@britishlibrary.net

  23. Update 03 Oct 2005

    Marian says "WMOA league results after the 5th event (Ansons Bank) can be found at : http://hometown.aol.co.uk/MarianW123/gpnindex.html

  24. Update 20 Sep 2005

    "Hi Guys As you may or may not know, in less than two weeks is Harlequins Yvette Baker Trophy Round.

    It Takes Place at Shugborough, about 4 miles south of Stafford at the Northern end of Cannock Chase.

    We are looking to repeat last years success of making the final, and to do that we need as many people there as possible.

    If you can come then please email me back asap to robert@farrington.me.uk so I can tell the organisers how many we intend to be taking.

    If you have friends who would like to orienteer why not bring them along to help harlequins? If anyone could get people from Kings, The Chase or Birmingham University it would be most welcome.


    Rob Farrington"

    Don't know what the Yvette Baker Trophy is? It is a junior inter-club competiion. Your Webmaster is not exactly sure of the format and age eligability and an extensive search of the BOF website does not really help me - and the "Competitions" page is blank. If some kind Harlequin could tell me where to find more information I will post a link here Thank you to Barbara and Carol and Lynden for the link

  25. Update 19 Sep 2005

    HOC member, organiser and planner, Heather Houghton is now President of Nottingham University Orienteering Club.

    Heather says "Hi! - come and visit our website"

  26. Update 11 Sep 2005

    Please note - this Trailquest clashes with the HOC District Event at Fownhope - unless, that is, you are a very fast cyclist indeed!


    I am organising a Mountain Bike Trailquest with the event centre at Stourport on 23/10/05 under the auspices of the Trail Cyclists Association

    The TCA is affiliated to the BOF

    This is a 5 hour score event with the option of a 2 hour 'taster' score event running at the same time.

    This as far as I know is the first such event to be organised in Worcestershire (I have been Trailquesting from the very early days).

    Perhaps this may be of interest to your members if they want to try something different.

    Note: It is not MTBO as it is using the appropriate Public Rights of Way in the area rather than a closed area of say forestry land.

    An information sheet and entry form can be obtained from http://www.trailblazers-cycling.org.uk/

    If you can bring it to the attention of your members I would be grateful.


    Kind regards - John


    John B Wilkinson"

  27. Update 26 Aug 2005

    The provisional NIGHT STREET LEAGUE Fixtures list is here

  28. Update 25 Aug 2005

    These courses are FREE for HOC Members...

    Application form for Organisers Course

    Application form for Planners Course
  29. Update 26 Jul 2005

    REVISED - now with TIMES! Clent Hills SEE results are here

  30. Update 10 & 15 Jul 2005

    Highgate Common results are here and the ARDF results are here

  31. Update 07 Jul 2005

    Clent Hills SEE results are here and the final league standings are here

  32. Update 05 Jul 2005

    REVISED Worcester Beacon 26th June results are here - Blue course additions

  33. Update 05 Jul 2005

    Hill Top SEE results are here

  34. Update 04 Jul 2005

    Worcester Beacon 26th June results are here

  35. Update 28 Jun 2005

    Lots of colourful photos from Worcester Beacon all by Bob Lillis. Results to follow

  36. Update 23 Jun 2005

    Lickey results are here

  37. Update 17 Jun 2005

    June Jaunter results are here

  38. Update 14 Jun 2005

    The Highgate Common details are up - click here

  39. Update 09 Jun 2005

    The SEE League table has been updated (up to and including Gheluvelt and can be found here There are just three races left - things will start to even up as more people get the necessary 7 scores...

  40. Update 08 Jun 2005

    Gheluvelt SEE results are here

  41. Update 08 Jun 2005

    Rock Coppice SEE results are here

    The SEE League table has been updated (up to and including Uffmoor and can be found here

  42. Update 5th Jun 2005

    At the Harvester
  43. Update 4th Jun 2005

    SINS 2005 Photos by David Williams

  44. Update 4th Jun 2005

    Junior Training @ Rhydd Covert Photos by Ruth Lockley

  45. Update 25 May 2005

    Uffmoor SEE results are here

  46. Update 18 May 2005

    Kingsford SEE results are here

  47. Update 13 May 2005

    Read the letter here

    Photo and text copyright "The Daily Mail 2005"

  48. Update 12 May 2005

    Pitcher Oak results are here

  49. Update 10 May 2005

    Kingsford Country Park SEE flyer is here

  50. Update 10 May 2005

    Malvern SEE results are here

  51. Update 6 May 2005

    Do you know this person?

  52. Update 29 April 2005

    The Kingsford Country Park and Uffmoor SEE are confirmed as ON - click here for the SEE fixtures list

  53. Update 29 April 2005

    THE REVISED Habberley Valley results are here

  54. Update 27 April 2005

    Habberley Valley results are here

    The weather was great, the forest was pretty and the courses were excellent...

  55. Update 24 April 2005

    Report and photos from the Junior Training Weekend at Rhydd Covert

  56. Update 23 April 2005

    Eymore Results are now up:

    Click Here

  57. Update 18 April 2005

    Harlequins @ the BOC/BRC: Six 1st Place & 11 podium finishes in total, 2nd place and first mixed team in M18- relay

    Click here for a larger image

    W14B, 1st place: Rosemary Hartmann
    W50S, 1st place: Lynden Hartmann
    W18S, 1st place: Elizabeth White
    W20L, 1st place: Heather Houghton
    M55L, 1st place: Andy Hemsted
    W65S, 1st place: Suzette Spears

    M65L, 2nd place: Colin Spears
    W65L, 2nd place: Alison Sloman
    M35S, 2nd place: Peter Williams
    W18L, 3rd place: Tessa Hill
    M50S, 3rd place: Mike Farrington
    W50L, 4th place: Judith Evans
    W60S, 4th place: Penny Hemsted

    W16A, 25th place: Heather Hartmann
    M60S, 18th place: Peter Bylett
    W45L, 23rd: Marion White
    W45S, 13th place: Carol Farrington
    W50L, 30th place: Sue Edlington
    M16A, 16th place: Dan Hartmann
    M18L, 6th place: Robert Farrington
    M18L, 26th place: Matthew Evans
    M50S, 12th place: Lester Evans
    W21S, 13th place: Jenny Edlington
    W21L, 10th place: Helen Chiswell
    M50L, 86th place: Mick Comery
    M45S, 26th place: Andrew White
    M45L, 34th place: Lester Hartmann
    M45L, 55th place: John Herbert
    M45L, 57th place: Michael Burt

    M18-, 2nd place: Robert Farrington, Tessa Hill, Daniel Hartmann
    W45, 6th place: HOC QUEENS
    Short-Women-Only, 9th place: HOC BABES
    ADHOC, 12th place: HOC 'n' SPICY
    M50, 13th place: HOC ACES

  58. Update 7 April 2005

    The Summer Evening Event Season starts on 26th April @ Habberley Valley - It will be a "RUSS" event - for more details check out the SEE page and the flyer

  59. Update 31 Mar 2005

    Message from John Richards.

    I didn't get the opportunity to thank all of the helpers at Brown Clee last Saturday.

    Considering the problems of the previous few days and that I needed a man in a big yellow tractor to pull everyone out of the Assembly Field - I think that the event went as well as I could have hoped for. This is entirely due to all my Team Leaders and their helpers. So on behalf of myself, HOC, WMOA and Peter Guillaume and the Organising Committee Thank You.

    Check out the following link for feedback... http://www.pgopage.btinternet.co.uk/id164.htm


  60. Update 31 Mar 2005

    Now that you've sampled Brown Clee from an orienteer's perspective, you might like to visit its history (and that of Clee Hill too) at an exhibition called "Quarry Land" which is on at the Midlands Art Centre, Cannon Hill Park, until May 2nd - some Harlequins came across the exhibition and their opinion is "very good!"..... http://www.macarts.co.uk

  61. Update 30 Mar 2005

    It's Official...

    "HOC's 18 year old Vice Chairman Sam Chambers and club lead coach Ruth Lockley are pictured receiving Sport England's Clubmark award from Bob Roach, BOF Chairman at the BOF 2005 AGM held in Lichfield. DVO and WCH were also presented with the award. This brings the total of BOF clubs who have been accredited and therefore authorised to use the Clubmark logo on their websites and publicity material to five. Over half the clubs in England are now working towards Clubmark so it should not be long before other awards are made."

    The accreditation covers four areas:

    1. Duty of Care & Child Protection
    2. Coaching & Competition
    3. Sports Equity & Ethics
    4. Club Management

    Schools are being encouraged, under the governments PE and School Sport Club link (PESSCL) initiative, to promote sports clubs and encourage their pupils to become members. The Clubmark "kitemark" is what teachers will be looking for from clubs before they do this.


    Peter Bylett
    Development Manager
    British Orienteering Federation

    Congratulations to all involved - and especially to Ruth for putting all the work required to gain accreditation - well done and thanks!

  62. Update 30 Mar 2005

    Lift Offered to British Champs

    Mick Comery writes: "I am Going to the British champs 16/17 April and wondered if I could offer anyone a lift , I am going on Friday 15th and returning on Sunday after the relays . I am camping very close to the event (within walking distance ) and have a pitch pre-booked . Tel any time on 07973 468943 or E-mail on comeryremovethisantispaminsert@waitrose.com
    Regards Mick Comery"

  63. Update 30 Mar 2005

    More JK Photos

    I have been sent lots and lots of photos of the Harlequins at JK - they are all here.

    In addition

  64. Update 26 Mar 2005

    Here are some photos from the Harlequins Part of JK2005

    Welcome to the RED START!

  65. Update 25 Mar 2005

    Flyer for Eymore Woods on 17th April

  66. Update 17 mar 2005

    Ruth says:

    "HOC have applied for Clubmark accreditation in March 2005, and are awaiting to hear the outcome"

    "Apart from evidence of all the HOC junior activities, the Clubmark folder includes documents that demonstrate that HOC has a commitment to supporting and developing junior members. These documents are now available on the website for HOC members to view"

    You will find the clubmark page by clicking this link

    Also the JUNIOR DIARY has been updated

  67. Update 10 mar 2005

    The final night street league results are in and the league table has been checked and updated by Brian.

    Congratulations to this year's winners: John Embrey (Long), Colin Spears (Medium), Alison Sloman (Short).

    There were 100 counting runners over 11 races.. compared with 78 last year...

    The summer league starts on Tuesday 26th April!

  68. Update 6 mar 2005

    Results for Lickey Hills C4 - final version!

  69. Update 27 Feb 2005

    Some very brave souls were out rehearsing for the JK... Brown Clee in February....click here

  70. Update 27 Feb 2005

    The results from Night Street Race at Selly Park are here

  71. Update 05 Feb 2005

    "Mrs H." (?) reads out a message from up-north

    Photos from the prizegiving are here

  72. Update 29 Jan 2005

    Details of the Colour Coded (District?) Event at the Lickey Hills 20th Feb can be found here

  73. Update 22 Jan 2005

    George says

    "There are still a few spaces left for this year's prizegiving dinner (4th February @ Londonderry Public House, Smethwick)"

    Details in January ADHOC. You can make your booking by phone or email! Dave Gittus, MBE will be speaking - ask him to tell you the one about trying to get £2000 worth of booze air freighted from Akrotiri to Aden (essential mapping support supplies) and then trying to explain the bullet holes in the back of his Ordnance Survey Landrover (some local officials tried to cut themselves in...) - or at least that is how I remember the story, David

  74. Update 20 Jan 2005

    Here are the OFFICIAL and FINAL results from the Highgate Common Club Champs

  75. Update 11 Jan 2005

    The results from Night Street Races at Streetly and Bewdley are here

  76. Update 3 Jan 2005

    Following clarification of the rules and their interpretation the "draft" results for the club champs have been revised and are here - trophy winners - to follow

  77. Update 3 Jan 2005

    HOC win the Laurie Bradley New Year's Day Score! - official results here






















  78. Update 3 Jan 2005

    Monday 10th January 2005 8:00pm @ "The Bell"


    "A Splendid Opportunity for Harlequins to meet Kyla de Cunha - BOF's Regional Development Officer. No doubt HOC will be featuring in her activities, and this will be our chance to see how she can help us with our own Club Development Plans"

  79. Update 31 December 2004

    "Raw" results for the club champs are available here - handicap scores and trophy winners - to follow

  80. Update 24 December 2004

    Two in a row for Harlequins (Provisionally)!...... It looks like we have come top for the second time in the West Midlands League - the results are here

    - there is no truth in the rumour that this is anything to do with the League Meister being a HOC member....

  81. Update 21st December 2004

    Russ Fauset informs me that the Bewdley Mountain Marathon (NSL) is now on the 6th of Jan - this is a change from the previously advertised date

    The event is now on Thursday 6th Jan from 
    64, Sandbourne Drive,  DY12 1BN.  
    use the post code in streetmap.co.uk. 
    Starts from about 6pm  normal HOC style,
     3 courses looking for fire hydrants. 
     Longest course will have a second master map. 
    All orienteers welcome.

  82. Update 19th December 2004

    While the results are being processed here are some pictures.... Click Here

    Just a little peek!

  83. Update 18th December 2004

    New Years Day Score Event!

    Updated Details for Laurie Bradley Score Event on New Years Day at Kinver Edge

    Here is the location via Streetmap

  84. 14th November 2004 YBT Final - information from the organiser:

    "David ,
    Can you please highlight as a matter of urgency on your web pages relating to fixtures that start times for the colour coded courses at our event, next Sunday 5th Dec, are olny available from 10.00. to 11.15a.m.
    (YBT Final) 11.30 TO 1.00 P.M. STARTS are only for those taking part in the YBT FInal and should have been pre-entered via the club contact.
    Keith Ellery
  85. 14th November 2004 Brockhampton- Results posted Tuesday 16/11/04

    Here are some Photos - Note that the "Junior Shop" did not want their faces shown!

  86. Update 9th November 2004

    Yvette Baker Trophy

    "Dear David,

    I know you've already heard from Carol about this, but HIP HIP HOCAY, 19 HOC juniors turned out for the Yvette Baker trophy round on Cannock Chase on Sunday, and won their way through to the final for the first time ever!
    Watch out for details of how to join the team for the final on December 5th; juniors from M/W10 up to M/W 20 will be eligible to race. HOC seniors will be eligible to provide massive support!!

    Ruth "

                     Totals        Green     Light Green     Orange     Yellow     
       1.  WCH         899          200 (2)     299+(3)     200+(2)     200+(2) 
       2.  HOC         884          394 (4)     293+(3)      98+(1)      99+(1) 
       3.  COBOC       853          190 (2)     194 (2)     283 (3)     186 (2) 
       4.  POTOC       827           93 (1)      94 (1)     375 (4)     265 (3) 
       The numbers under each course heading in the form ddd(n) denote:
             ddd - the number of points scored on that particular course
             (n) - the number of club scorers contributing to the sub-total ddd
             "+" denotes where scorers on different courses tied in 9th place -
             {they will not all be counted in forming the club's course totals}

  87. Update 9th November 2004

    NSL flyer for 2nd December @ Kidderminster


  88. Update 29th October 2004

    NSL Race #1 Results are up

  89. Update 23rd October 2004

    Miscellaneous Photos from 2004 All photos by Various Artists

  90. Update 23rd October 2004

    Peter Palmer Junior Relays 2004 All photos by Ruth Lockley

  91. Update 18th October 2004

    Flyer for Brockhampton 14th November 2004

  92. Update 26th September 2004

    Results from Hartlebury Common

    This is an Adobe Acrobat .PDF - If you have installed Windows XP service pack 2 you may be warned that Bill Gates thinks that the .PDF could damage your PC and you may get a warning that Internet Explorer has "blocked active content" - If I was Adobe I would be a bit miffed about this!

  93. Update 19th September 2004

    Find provisional Night Street League fixtures here

  94. Update 9th September 2004

    Find flyer for Haugh Wood here

  95. Update 1st September 2004

    Link to Past and Present Trophy Winners - here

  96. Update 20th August 2004

    The 2004-2005 SMILE fixtures are now available....HERE

Update 20th June 2004

The Peter Palmer relays are scheduled for Sutton Park on weekend of 11th/12th September.
This is the annual, national, overnight junior O relay and COBOC need our help to make sure the event is a success.
HOC are co-ordinating the electronic punching, but COBOC also need volunteers prepared to be out in the park patrolling, especially during the night-time legs.
Help would also be welcomed for any other parts of the competition

Any HOC members prepared to spend a night in the park (could be a good introduction to night O) please contact Ruth Lockley asap, as Ruth has agreed to act as "HOC liaison person" with COBOC.

Update 26th May 2004

"Club for All" seminar

As part of the drive to get more young people into orienteering, BOF are
encouraging clubs to go for the Clubmark award. The award is given to clubs
which meet the standards to provide "safe, effective and child-friendly"
junior coaching and development. Local Sports Development teams will use
Clubmark accreditation to identify clubs which they can recommend to parents
and children. Ruth Lockley is leading the HOC Clubmark application.

One requirement for Clubmark is that some club members should have attended
a "Club for All" workshop. This workshop is part of the Sports Coach UK
programme, and  deals with issues of equity in access to sport, allowing
clubs to explore how they can open up their membership to groups of people
who have not previously considered the sport.

I have arranged a "Club for All" workshop for W. Midlands O clubs for June
16th 2004. The cost is £10 per participant, which will be me the club.
Anyone involved in junior coaching, or with an interest in increasing junior
participation in orienteering is welcome to attend, but I need at least 10
participants from across W. Midlands if the course is to run. Details below.

Title of Workshop- "A Club for All"

Date and time-       16th June 2004 6.30 -9.30 pm

Venue-            Upper training room, Birmingham Sports Centre, Highgate
B12 9DL

Tutor-             Shireen Budeire

Cost (subsidised)-   £10 per attendee, to be paid on the night (cheques to
Birmingham City Council)

Applications to- Ruth Lockley, by e mail  coaching.wmoa@bigfoot.com by
latest 7th June, thanks

The course can accommodate 20-25 participants. You will get a manual to take
away. This booking is only for orienteering clubs.

Update 15th May 2004

From the BOF Website 7th May: New Regional Development Officers in EAOA, SCOA and WMOA

BOF intends to employ, with support from Sport England, three part time Regional Development Officers (RDOs) to work in the EAOA, SCOA and WMOA regions. Closing date for applications is 1st June 2004. Selection interviews are planned to be held in Bedford on 10th June 2004

The work will involve close liaison with clubs to develop clubs/schools links and to encourage orienteering development within schools especially where it involves integration into the mainstream sport.

The initial contract is for 400 hours per annum, equating to 10 hours/1.5 days per week in term time. Salary is in the region of £4400pa. RDOs will also receive expenses, including a generous mileage allowance.

Further sources of funding will be available for specific projects to assist club and regional development. The ability and desire to carry out additional project work will be essential

Informal enquiries WMOA

Peter Bylett - 01562 631 561. peter@britishorienteering.org.uk


Hilary Palmer - 0115 9820651. hilarypalmer@britishorienteering.org.uk

Information pack and application forms including electronic versions are available from BOF Office - 01629 734042

Update 14th May 2004

Selections for GB Tours & START Squad

Congratulations go to these HOC Juniors on their selection for the following GB Tours

Uppsalla: Tess Hill

Halden: Rob Farrington

Glenmore: Daniel Hartmann

In addition Tess and Robert are selected for the World Class START Squad

Update 9th May 2004

Croft Castle 2004 - A Photo Gallery: All photos by David Williams

Update 18th April 2004

Breakneck Bank - A Photo Gallery: All photos by David Williams, If you have any nice photos - please send me a copy!

Update 13th April 2004

JK2004 - A Photo Gallery: If you have any nice photos - please send me a copy!

Update 2nd April 2004

Ruth Lockely writes "HOC seniors will find a training questionnaire in their Ad Hoc this month. Whether you're an adult "beginner" looking for basics, or a seasoned (?distinctly weathered?) orienteer, who wants to improve aspects of your technique outside of competition, please fill it in. This is your chance to shape the club training/coaching programme; don't miss it!"

Click here for a fresh copy of the HOC Senior Training Questionnaire

Update 27th January 2003

George Writes:

Hi Dave, Did you spot the deliberate mistake in this months HOC?
I didn't include the date.
Would you please put the following up on the web page, including a multi map link to map ref
Thanks George.

Annual Prize Giving Dinner.

Sorry about late notice of this date, but I forgot to include it in Jan Ad Hoc's Information.
It is not to late I will still take orders (phone or e-mail) Up to Thursday 29th Jan.
Also for those that have trouble with my directions Dave has supplied link to streetmap: Click Here

George Chambers
Social Secretary.

Update 11th January 2003

Laurie Bradley New Years Day Score

  1. Octavian Droobers   4850
  2. Harlequins        4690
  3. Walton Chasers     3680
  4. Wrekin           3480
  5. City of Birmingham  1720
Update 22nd December 2003

The results from the final event for 2003 (Wyrley Common) have now been processed, and Harlequins have finally won the club competition, by 200 points:

  1. H O C - 6 8 8 8
  2. O D - 6 6 8 8
  3. W C H - 6 5 3 2
  4. W R E - 6 0 0 8
  5. C O B O C - 5 6 1 2
  6. P O T O C - 3 1 7 8

This is the first time... ever.... ever.... always in second place, always the bridesmaid never the bride...... not anymore! Read the details here

Update 19th December 2003

I have just tided up the 2003 news..... see below for the 'Old News'

This is where the news ends.... you can read the old news archive here: Old News

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