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21st Dec
This was received from "The BBC" - if you would like to take part - please contact Anna directly (email address below)

Dear David

I apologise for e-mailing you unexpectedly but I couldn't find an alternative contact to request your permission first. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to forward this e-mail onto the correct person, I'm not sure whether it would be Henry Morgan or Chris Morris?

We are looking for people from all over the country to take part in BBC1's brand new Saturday night show 'The People's Quiz 2007' and I wanted to invite the members of the West Midlands Orienteering Association to participate. Whilst it is a competition for individuals we would welcome teams or groups of friends to come along and audition together and there is a massive six figure prize on offer for the winner.

I would be hugely grateful if you would be kind enough to spread the word that we are looking for quiz enthusiasts and pass the details to your members. If you would like me to send some information in the post please let me know your address and I'll send out a poster and/or some flyers.

We will be holding auditions throughout January starting at the Birmingham NEC on the 7th of January. Contestants must be 16 or over.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind Regards,

Anna Dunkley Researcher, The People's Quiz 2007
T: 020 76196645 F: 0207 619 6667
United House, Unit 4.16, North Road, London, N7 9DP
21st Dec
New Regional Development Officers will start work in January 2007

I am delighted to announce that four new RDOs will soon be part of the Development Team in England: Tony Callow in West Midlands, Helen Errington in the northern part of the South East and part of East Anglia, Chris Robinson in the southern part of the South East and Sarah Watkins in the North West. They bring a lot of experience to the team and I am sure that they will help clubs and schools with their development plans.

I hope that we will re-advertise in the New Year for development staff in the North East and the northern part of East Anglia and in the meantime I will cover the NE enquiries and Helen Errington and I will respond to queries from north Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Hilary Palmer

British Orienteering
Development Manager
18th Dec
Results from the Club Championships are here
17th Dec
Congratulations to Duncan Leeson and Susan Ford - our new Junior Captains
14th Dec
Several updates to the NSL page - new results, flyer and league table here
09th Dec
A copy of the club champs on-the-day 'handout' is here
08th Dec
Results for MNSL #2 are here
08th Dec
First Aid Course 2-4th February 2007 @ Shugborough Estate
No details available - they are meant to be on the coaching calender on the BOF site (but are not). Beware using the buttons on the left of the pages as the coaching one links to different pages depending on where you are - and only one links to a page with a link for the coaching calender. Contact Delia Kingsbury for an application form and further details.
If you find the text a bit small then you can adjust using "view-text size" and set to suit
29th Nov
Results for Smile #3 and Smile #4 are here
Results for NSL 3 (28 Nov 2006) are here
Current NSL league table is here
26th Nov
Details for MADO Mini League #3(9 Dec 2006 at Haugh Wood) are here
Updated Details for MNSL and revised results for first event are here
22th Nov
Results for NSL 2 (16 Nov 2006) are here
Current NSL league table is here
Details for NSL 3 (28 Nov 2006) are here
Details for NSL 4 (13 Dec 2006) are here
7th Nov
Results for Midweek Night Score League Event 1 are up - Barry says
" What a great start to this seasons league. Alison put on an excellent event, which certainly tested everyone .Thanks toa contingent from BUOC plus others from OD, WCH, WRE and COBOC,we hada total of 25 competitors, a very good turnout for a Mid Week night event. Thanks for making the effort,next event Clent Hills, Wed Dec 6th. See you there."
Click here for results
6th Nov
New Area - Frith Wood on 11th November - flyer is here
Frith was Anglo Saxon for "wooded enclosure" - there are a lot of Frith Woods in England - or Wooded Enclosure Woods to be correct. Frith is was also the sun god of the rabbits in Watership Down and Chapel En Le Frith is an unusual combination of Norman French with Anglo Saxon - oh anyway I am informed it is a very nice new area and the weather forecast is good
3rd Nov
Development Meeting - November 13th, Worcester - see November AD HOC
30 Oct
Results for NSL 1 (26 Oct 2006) are here
29 Oct
Results for the Malvern Hills Regional Event on Sunday 29th October will be found here
26 Oct

This photo was lent to me by "the pictured" for a HOC quiz - I said I would scan it in - let me know when you have downloaded it - and there is a prize for the first person to correctly identify the boat captain...
20 Oct
Final Details, Start Times and Control Descriptions for the Malvern Hills Regional Event on Sunday 29th October will be found here.
Late Entries available via the internet entry system only until midnight Tuesday 24th October.
16 Oct

Robert Vickers is British Radio Orienteering Champion 2006
Brian Hughes misses the excitement
10 Oct
Details for MNSL #1 - 02 November will be found here
10 Oct
Details for NSL #1 - 26th October will be found here
02 Oct
Congratulations to the HOC juniors, who finished 2nd to OD (by just 2 points) at the local Yvette Baker Trophy round at Pooley Fields on October 1st, This means the junior team are through to the final for the 3rd year running. The final is at the BKO District Event at Newbury on December 10th.

It was a bit wet
01 Oct
Results for SMILE-2 are up! Click here
26 Sep
24th September 2006 Baggeridge Country Park results
20 Sep
The provisional night street league fixtures table is here

The provisional Midweek Night league fixtures table is here (Barry needs 1 more organiser!)
20 Sep
HOC club coaching day, November Classic and Overnight stay at Ferny Crofts Scout Camp in Beaulieu November 4th/5th 2006

Harlequins coaches invite you all to join us at the BOF coahcing day at Star Posts on November 4th and travel on to the November Classic in the New Forest on November 5th (book your own entry for November Classic).

  • Overnight accommodation available for those who book early.
  • Details and booking form available for download here.
  • Those only wanting to join us for training, or for the accommodation and banquet are also welcome,
  • All levels of experience welcome.
  • Quality company and competition guaranteed!
  • Lifts/shared transport a possibility

  1. Update 19th August 2006

    Malvern Regional Event (C3) details are here

  2. Update 18th July 2006

    The Autumn Smile Event Series is all arranged - you can find the fixtures list here

  3. Update 13th July 2006

    Callow Hill results are here

    The final 2006 League Table has been updated.
    Some new names will be on the trophies!

  4. Update 12th July 2006

    Cotwall End results are here

  5. Update 12th July 2006

    Hartlebury Common results are here

  6. Update 30th June 2006

    Sandwell Valley results are here
  7. Update 22nd June 2006

    18th June 2006 West Midland Relays (Baggeridge) comments have been uploaded

  8. Update 22nd June 2006

    The results for June Jaunter are here

    The SEE league table has been corrected by Charlie
  9. Update 18th June 2006

    18th June 2006 West Midland Relays (Baggeridge) results & comments

    Photos and Report - to follow

  10. Update 15th June 2006

    The results for Malvern Common are here

  11. Update 12th June 2006

    The results for Kingsford Country Park are here

  12. Update 12th June 2006

    Details for West Midland Relays are here
    A pre-print of the 'on -the-day" handout can be found here

  13. Update 4th June 2006

    The results for Highgate Common are here

    The league table has been revised and updated - can anyone catch Richard Dearden? Do we have to rely on the orienteering equivalent of "the meta-tarsal"? Will Tessa be back from Bulgaria in time to head off the challenge from Alison? The story at halfway is here

  14. Update 4th June 2006

    WCH are holding a Controllers course Grade 3 on Saturday 17th June at Birches Valley Visitor Centre Rugeley.

    10-4pm Cost: 5 payable to Ray Collins, 36 Farmdown Road, Baswich Stafford ST17 0AP.

    To be eligible for Grade 3 status you need to have organised a competition registered with Bof in the last 10 years; planned at least 3 events with at least 1 at level 4 District level within the last 5 years; attended a BOF controller grade 3 course and be appointed by the WMOA.

    If you have any of these missing you may still attend , but only qualify when you have met the criteria.

    Queries on 01785 243192 or ray+remove this bit+collins@hotmail.com

  15. Update 26th May 2006

    Old Hills results are here

  16. Update 24th May 2006

    Details for West Midland Relays are here

  17. Update 21st May 2006

    Titterstone Clee results are here

    The view from the hills @ 3.00pm

    and John has gone off to collect controls - with the car!

  18. Update 20th May 2006

    Pitcher Oak Results are here

    The latest league table is here

  19. Update 14th May 2006

    Habberley Results are here

  20. Update 13th May 2006

    Titterstone Clee Regional Event -21st May 2006

    Start Lists are here

    Final Details are here

  21. Update 8th May 2006

    Lickey Results are here

  22. Update 6th May 2006

    The Night Street League Table for 2005/6 has been corrected by Brian - the up-to-date and correct version is here

  23. Update 3rd May 2006

    Saltwells Results are here

  24. Update 3rd May 2006

    Helen Chiswell - HOC - British Trail O Champion 2006

  25. Update 21st April 2006

    Licky Hills SEE details are here

  26. Update 2nd April 2006

    The results for the Croft Castle (Compass Sport Cup) are here

  27. Update 4th April 2006

    British Relay Championships - M18 Bronze Medalists
    Full story in AdHOC

  28. Update 3rd April 2006

    Photos from the British Champs 2006 All photos by Ant Clerici

  29. Update 2nd April 2006

    The results for the Worcester NSL, the updated and final NSL league table and a review of this season's competition can be found here

  30. Update 22nd March 2006

    Details for the Regional Event @ Titterstone Clee - 21st May 2006 can be found here

  31. Update 19th March 2006

    Midweek night score league - The final league standings and a message from Barry can found here

  32. Update 19th March 2006

    Clent Hills(19th March) results are available here

  33. Update 17th March 2006

    Uffmoor Woods (16th March) results are available here

    Did someone put a 10 in the box instead of 20? I seem to be down 10 - well exactly 9.40 as there was 53.60 in the box instead of 63.00

  34. Update 17th March 2006

    On Sunday 9th April 2006

    Croft Castle near Ludlow at Grid Reference SO 452656. This is 10 miles SW of Ludlow and 6 miles NW of Leominster. Accessed from B4362. Follow NT signs for Croft Castle

    Full details are here

  35. Update 11th March 2006


    1st CLOK, 2nd HOC, 3rd OD

    Hi all,

    Well deserved congratulations to all of us!
    I would just like to add my thanks to all of you who contributed to our submission in response to my chivvying and nagging. But I cannot just send this out without acknowledging that in reality our submission was based most heavily on the success of the MADO initiative, and that in turn was due to the initiative, enthusiasm, drive and solid hard work by Lynden. So - THANKS LYNDEN!

    Robert Vickers

  36. Update 11th March 2006

    The results of the 2006 Herefordshire and Worcestershire Schools Orienteering Championship are now available. - click here

  37. Update 11th March 2006

    The 2006 Summer Evening Event Fixtures List is now available. - click here
    Please note that permission is still in the process of being sought for most venues, therefore the areas listed represent proposals until confirmed

  38. Update 6th March 2006

    Uffmoor Woods (16th March) is now 'all planned' - the woods were very pretty on Saturday - all sunny and snowy.

    Of course on the Mid Week Night Score "!Season Finale!" you won't be stopping to look at the views. Uffmoor is great for a night event - compact - tricky off the paths with all those stream valleys - but forgiving - you are never more than a short detour from a good collecting feature. The woods are easy to get to - just a few minutes from M5 J3 - the details are here

  39. Update 3rd March 2006

    Results for Sandwell Valley District Event - click here

  40. Update 27nd Feb 2006

    The WMOA website has a temporary home at http://www.sisyphus.demon.co.uk/WMOA/

    (Several volunteers have offered to host the website permanently but it has been decided to move the site to this temporary location until a decision has been made, so please update your links - temporarily!]

  41. Update 27nd Feb 2006

    There are now organiser/planner's comments for the 14th February 2006 Habberley Midweek Night Score Event - click here

  42. Update 22nd Feb 2006

    14th February 2006 Habberley Midweek Night Score Event results

    There is now a page for the Midweek Night Score League

  43. Update 21st Feb 2006

    The next Committee Meeting will take place on Thursday 23rd February 2006, 7.30 9.30pm at Waseley Hills Country Park Visitor Centre.

    There is a simple map at http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/home/wccindex/wcc-countryside/wcc-countryside-sites.htm but you will do better to go to SO971782 or Streetmap

    Basically, from M5 Junction 4 take A491 towards Stourbridge and after 1km turn right on B4551 towards Halesowen and follow signs. Refreshments will probably be on a DIY basis if I remember to bring a kettle, but if it is a serious need I suggest you come prepared (bring your own mug at least).

    The Chairman has indicated that he is happy for the meeting to opened to all HOC members who wish to attend.

  44. Update 21st Feb 2006

    New date for Night Street League Event 8 - no venue yet announced.

  45. Update 20th Feb 2006

    Results for Bournville Night Street League are here

  46. Update 15th Feb 2006

    "!Season Finale!"
    Details for Mid Week Night Score at Uffmoor Wood  on 16th March
    "!Season Finale!"

    The (REVISED 15FEB) league table after two events is here

  47. Update 1st Feb 2006

    26th January 2006 Baggeridge Midweek Night Score Event (REVISED 15FEB) results and comments


  48. Update 25th Jan 2006

    Harlequins are organising the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Schools Championships at Eastnor Deer Park, near Ledbury, Herefordshire on March 11th.

    The event is being run for the first time since 2002, and is open to all schools in the two counties.

    Full details and the special entry form can be downloaded.

  49. Update 23rd Jan 2006

    Tessa on TV - Read about it on the BOF Webpage
    (in the news section - I can't give you a direct link as it is one of those stupid ASP pages)

    21st January - 40 years ago today
    It was on this day in 1966 that a forerunner to Harlequins - Halesowen and District Orienteers was founded.

    In lieu of an approved club history here are some press cuttings

    Press cutting June 1967 Photo of Chris Schaanning West Midlands Orienteering Association Vice Chairman

    Press cutting Jan 1966

    Click here for another and here also

    If anyone knows the location of the HDOC and HOC club archives (kept diligently for at least 20 years by Gilbert Herbert) please let the webmaster know!

    If you have any maps, results, magazines or minutes or other memorabilia from the early days - again please contact the webmaster. In two years time it will be the 40th Anniversary of the meeting at which the club called Harlequins was first formed and it would be nice to make a big fuss

    Summer Evening Events 2006
    I am sure that by now you have noticed that the length of daylight in the evenings is gradually becoming greater and this must have turned your mind to our summer events programme!

    Well now is the time to also offer your services as a Summer Evening League event organiser / planner.

    Once again I would like to put events on on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. This ensures that we do not clash with OD who traditionally use Wednesdays for their events. It was great, last year to see a few members who were new to planning having a go at putting on an event and this goes to show that the task is not too demanding. If you are relatively new to the sport be assured that there are many of us in the club who will be happy to assist you in both the planning and organisation of an event.

    I am new to this coordination role and hope that between us we can put on 10 or more events this coming summer and it would be great, from my point of view, if this could be achieved without too much phoning, pleading and bribing.

    If you wish to view the areas Harlequins have mapped click on the link below:


    This link will take you to the venues used last year:


    View the Summer Evening Event rules here. This also gives a guide to course lengths and difficulties.

    Please phone (01527 545030) or email me with details (date and venue) of the SEE you plan to plan.

    Charlie Nelson

    NO SMILES IN 2006?
    Harlequins have, for many years, held a series of Saturday Morning Introductory Low-Key (SMILE) Events. These have, in recent times, been ably co-ordinated by Andy White. Andy is no longer able to continue in this role, and so we are looking for another co-ordinator.

    Might you be able to help? - contact :

    Hereford & Worcester Schools Orienteering Competition
    Organised by members of Harlequins Orienteering Club in association with the Malvern & District Orienteers (MADO) series of events.
    After several years this is set to return on Saturday March 11th at Eastnor Park with starts from 10:00 to 12:00, fees 2.50.

    If you did not have the privilege of attending before or have never tried this adventurous Sport, why not take the opportunity to find out more now.

    The event is open to pupils from school years 5-13, competing on courses suitable for their age. Pupils can compete separately or in pairs. There will be team awards for each course and medals for best boy and girl (or pair of) on each course plus certificates for all participants.

    If pupils wish to try out orienteering before this event or hone their existing skills, there are events available on January 14th at Castlemorton Common and February 25th at Hollybed Common. Further details of these are available on www.mado.org.uk

    If this event is of interest to you and you wish to enter or find out more please contact Carol Farrington before January 31st on 01531 635502 between 19:00 and 21:30. Once you have registered your interest we will send you further details about entry and possible coaching opportunities.

  50. Update 1st Jan 2006

    Photos of the opening of our Callow Hill POC

    Alison and The Team

  51. Update 1st Jan 2006

    Don't forget to make your reservation for the Prize Giving Social - Friday 3rd February @ "The Londonderry". See Jan 2006 ADHOC for details. Limted to 60 places so please book early.

  52. Update 1st Jan 2006

    Results for Brockhampton Club Champs are up (note list of trophy winners not yet available]

    This is where the news ends.... you can read the old news archive here: Old News

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